Chiang Mai Optional Tours

 Option tours and tour description (join in or private basis)

1. Doi Suthep Temple Tour ( 0830 - 1200 & 1300 - 1700 ) Bt. 800.00 per person

The trip begins with a pleasant winding drive up 3,500 feet above sea level. You then huff and puff as you ascend up the steps to the temple, guarded by two splendid nagas (naks). Wat Prathat Doi Suthep, built in 1383, is the symbol of Chiangmai. It is the most sacred temple in the city and contains the holy relic of the Lord Buddha which is enshrined in the magnificent golden pagoda. A panoramic view of the city and the surrounding countryside can be seen from the temple grounds.


2. Home Industrial Tour ( 0830 - 1200 & 1330 - 1700 )  Bht. 500.00 per person

See exquisite native handicrafts actually being crafted by master craftsmen and their assistants. Elaborate teak-wood carvings, intricate silverware, lustrous black lacquer ware, high-fired ceramics, famous Thai silk and cotton being woven the ancient traditional way on rustic wooden looms, paper-making being done in the ancient traditional way, hand-made paper and silk parasols in a rainbow hue of dazzling colors. Watch skilled artists deftly and swiftly paint art-work on parasols. It's absolutely amazing..

3. Half day Elephant at Work, Orchid Nursery Farm (0830 - 1200 & 1230 - 1600 )  Bt. 950.00 per person

A pleasant 30 kms. excursion out into the countryside. In lush tropical jungle north of the city watch elephants take their daily shower in a stream. A demonstration of how these talented and trained animals are used in the timber industry is held. Using their tusks, powerful trunks and feet, they push, pull and roll logs. Visit an Orchid Nursery Farm filled with more than 50 different varieties of gorgeous orchid blooms in a dazzling array of color. A superb collection of butterflies is also available for your perusal and study at a Butterfly Farm.

4. Doi Inthanon National Park, Waterfall & Hilltribe village with lunch (0800 - 1700)                   Bht. 1,700.00 per person

Lying south of Chiangmai, the granite mass of Doi Inthanon, at 8,500 feet above sea level, is the highest mountain in the country. Designated as a national park, the moist natural environment is habitat to a large species of birds, animals, flowers and fauna. After a final steep climb, the summit is surprisingly flat though misty, cold and windy. Visit the pagodas built in honor of their Majesties the King and Queen. A visitors center contains information in Thai and English. A small chedi above the visitors center contains the remains of Chao Inthawichayanon who died in 1897, the last independent ruler of Chiangmai, before the Kingdom of Lanna was incorporated into Siam.  Enjoy the cool cascading waters of Mae Klang and Vachiratharn waterfalls. Visit a Meo hill tribe village which is a Royal sponsored project, and a poor Karen hill tribe village. Lunch is included. ( The drive up to the top of the mountain is exhilarating. Sweaters or warm jackets should be taken along as it can be extremely cold at the top. )


5. Experience elephant Riding & Bamboo Rafting with lunch (0800 - 1700) :   Bht. 1,400.00 per person

A pleasant scenic trip to the north of Chiang Mai. Amist lush tropical jungle beside a meandering river, watch elephants take their daily bath. A show of how these magnificent animals are used in the timber industry. pushing, dragging and rolling logs in unison at the command of their mahouts.  It's now time for an exciting 30 - 40 minutes Elephant Ride over the hills and into the lush jungle. You have got to "swing with the sway" as you rumble and thrash along...and hang on tight folks. (Elephants are very sure-footed animals). Then experience a 15 minutes Ox-cart Ride back to the camp. (This form of transportation is probably similar to what your ancestors traveled in, in the Middle Ages). A picnic lunch is provided under the cool jungle shade. After lunch, enjoy a 1 hour Huckleberry Finn Bamboo Rafting trip on the placid Mae Taeng river. Glide along in a summer dream. Visit an Orchid Nursery Farm filled with exotic orchid blooms. A superb butterfly collection is also available for your perusal at a Butterfly Farm. Return to Chiang Mai.

6. Khantoke dinner with traditional dance (1900 - 2130) : Bht. 700.00 per person

Relax in an informal atmosphere while dining on delicious northern Thai cuisine called Khan Toke . Tuck in and eat to your heart 's content. During the meal, a traditional northern musical ensemble will play soothing music while charming dancers will entertain you with the fingernail dance, candle dance, sword dance and ramwong dance. If you get the urge, join in the ramwong's great. After that, there will be a fireworks display. Then, a selection of hill tribe dances performed by the Akha, Yao, Lisu and Karen tribes rounds up this entertaining evening. (Loose, informal attire is recommended as you will be sitting down on the floor).

7. Chiangrai Golden Triangle day tour with lunch ( 0700 - 1930 )   Bht. 1,500.00 per person

A trip by road along a scenic route, driving through undulating hills and valleys, emerald green woods, quaint small towns and picturesque villages. A break is made at a hot spring in Mae Kachan district. Proceed on to the town ( and province ) of Chiangrai. Visit and explore the Yao and Akha hilltribe villages and see their quaint, unique costumes. Each tribe has its own culture, customs, traditions and dialect. Drive further on to Mae Sai, a bustling border town with Myanmar and the northern most point of Thailand. Shop around for some Myanmar goodies. Then have lunch at a local restaurant. Proceed to the world-renowned Golden Triangle where the borders of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet at the confluence of the mighty Mekhong river. A superb view of the river and surrounding three countries can be seen. Visit the ancient town of Chiangsaen, the very first kingdom in Thailand situated on the banks of the Mekhong river and explore its archeological remains. Drive back to Chiangmai.


8. Chiangrai & Long necked Karen tour with lunch ( 0730 - 2030 )  Arrange Private Tour

Take one full day tour to visit Chiang Rai with the first stop at Hot Spring. Visit The Golden Triangle, the area of Thai, Laos and Burma meet. The tour will take you to a temple in Chiangrai. Then visit Mae Sai the border between Thai and Burma where you can enjoy shopping. The last stop before going back is the Karen Long Neck and Big Ear Hill tribe Villages.


9. Chiang Mai Night Safari Tour  (with Safari Tram Ride)  1800 - 2100 )      Private Tour only

Pick up from your hotel by your tour guide and transfer to Chiang Mai Night Safari, a nature theme park. Begin the adventure with the Walking Zone where small animals are ready to welcome you. Next proceed to the tram station and get on the tram to get around the South Zone and North Zone to see and experience animal lives at night including tigers, lions, zebras, giraffes. After the excitement on the tram, relax and enjoy musical fountain before heading back to the hotel.


10. One Day Trekking Mae Wang Area with lunch   ( 0800 - 1700 )      per person

Adventure one full day trekking in Sanpathong area by taking elephant riding into the forest. Then take a walk to visit Meo Hill Tribe Village. After that walk back to have lunch and drive to Karen Hill Tribe Village then Waterfall, enjoy swimming at the waterfall before drive back to take a bamboo raft. Then return to town .


11. Trekking 2 days 1 night at Mae Tang Area � ( pick up at 0900 - 0930 )  Bht. 2,200.00 per person

** Trekking, Waterfall, Elephant Riding, White Water Rafting, Bamboo Rafting **

Day 1 : Pick up from your hotel at 0930 and drive for 30 minutes to Mae Rim. Visit the beautiful Orchid and Butterfly Farm, containing more than 50 different types of colorful orchids and continue to Mae Tang area. Drive for 1 hour to elephant camp and ride the elephant approx. 1 hour through the forest, experience the beauty of nature and agricultural methods of a village. After that walk 5 minutes cross a Mae Tang River stop for lunch. After lunch walk approx. 3 hours through the forest, experience the nature on top of the hill, and learn the way of life, culture tradition of the hill tribe, dinner and stay overnight at Lahu Hill Tribe Village.

Day 2 After breakfast, start walking approx. 2.5 hours through the forest, cross a river, visit the beautiful waterfall, relax and swim. After arrive at the Raft Camp, enjoy White Water Rafting approx. 1 hour along the Mae Tang River and Bamboo Rafting approx. 40 Minutes. Then have lunch and return to Chiang Mai.